• Holden and General Motors treat Safety as paramount in everything that we do. We also place immense value on the ongoing integrity of all our brands globally including Holden.
  • To this end we Design, rigorously test & validate all components that go into our vehicles as well as the replacement parts & accessories we bring to market.
  • Genuine Holden Parts are priced competitively and provide real value for you & your Customers.
  • Not made in accordance with GM standards, which can lead to premature part failure, system breakdowns, or even vehicle safety events.
  • Packaged and designed to intentionally mislead you, often duplicating known trademarks exactly or ever so slightly different, in hopes that you, the consumer, won’t notice.
  • Counterfeit parts cast a shadow on GM’s reputation of providing of high-quality replacement parts. Counterfeit parts may not meet the same standards as the genuine parts, which can lead to mechanical problems and systems breakdowns, or even cause safety concerns.
  • Imitation parts typically don’t last as long as legitimate GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco parts, making it necessary to replace them more frequently.
  • Knowingly utilising non-Genuine or Counterfeit replacement parts could potentially expose you to litigation if these items have not been disclosed and the performance of these items cause failure and/or injury.
  • From a consumer perspective we acknowledge that it is often hard to easily distinguish the difference between a counterfeit or non-genuine part & the Genuine article. There are many anti-counterfeit practices that we have in place to help identify the Genuine Holden part, from the marking on the part itself right down to the Part Number label applied to the packaging.
  • Always look at the label. Genuine Holden part labels have many measures in place with the most obvious being the Holographic design. This is not cheap or easily reproduced so most counterfeiters don’t bother or replicate the label in plain colour.
  • Even without the holographic device there are other ways to spot a potential fake.

Genuine Holden Label Example

Example of Counterfeit Label

Example of Counterfeit Label

Holden uses identifying labels when it picks parts in its warehouses and ships to the authorised parts network. Think of these labels as picking labels and these are generally unique with different information such as shipment numbers, delivery addresses and dates etc.

These labels DO NOT show the Holden logo and are NOT a part label. These are not applied to every part and you will never find this label physically on a part that has external packaging as the label resides on the packaging.


Here are tips to help identify a counterfeit part:

  • INSPECT THE PACKAGING —Always ask an installer if you can view the part packaging prior to installation. If it appears flimsy, lacks the name brand or logo or has a name that is similar to, but not the same as, those you’re used to seeing (such as AZDelco instead of ACDelco), it could be counterfeit. Counterfeiters often use colors, artwork, and fonts on their packaging that are similar to that of the genuine product.
  • COMPARE PRICES — Extremely large differences in price should make you suspicious. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for; materials that lead to long product life may not be included in counterfeit parts (such as no iridium in iridium spark plugs).
  • AUTHENTICATE USING OUR SECURITY LABELS — In an effort to make counterfeiting more difficult, GM uses a couple of security features on our packaging. One is a global security label with a hologram strip which is placed on about half of our global packages as an indicator of a GM Genuine Parts or ACDelco part. For those parts not receiving the hologram strip, we employ other types of anti-counterfeit label technology to help ensure the parts you receive are the genuine article.
  • INSIST ON GENUINE PARTS — A visual inspection of the product may not be enough to distinguish genuine parts from a fake. Always insist on Holden Genuine Parts or ACDelco parts and only purchase from authorised Holden retailers.

Holden & General Motors Australia is proud to continue to work with the FCAI & the Genuine is Best program to drive Consumer & Repairer awareness in relation to the use of new Genuine Parts and correct Repair Procedures to deliver safe & proper repairs.

Here are some tips to show you why you should be on the lookout for a phony article:

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If you suspect a part you have purchased is fake, or if you have information regarding counterfeit activities, please contact the GM Trade Parts team clicking the email us button.

Be sure to include as much information as possible, as well as detailed pictures of the part, packaging (including return address), invoice, and receipt.

Please do not dispose of the part and other materials, as they may be requested for authentication purposes. All personal information will remain strictly confidential. You should receive a response within five business days.